Wednesday, November 14, 2012

#POSTERIZED: We take reccomendations

We here at Ballin' is a Habit have always been a voice of the people. The interaction with other college basketball fans is just one of the many things that makes this sport so special.

The gentleman who reside in the B.I.A.H NYC headquarters (aka 45 Wall) are some of the most passionate Vermont basketball fans in the history of creation. So when Vermont played UConn on Tuesday night, they had me on speed-dial just in case somebody threw down the nasty.

That person was Vermont's Clancy Rugg.

See, we try to cover all the best dunks in the college basketball world, but we only have so many sets of eyeballs. So we need your help. If you see a great dunk, something that might be #POSTERIZED-worthy, give us a shout on Twitter at @TroyMachir, @RobDauster or @Ballinisahabit. Feel free to use the #POSTERIZED hashtag.

After all, friends don't let friends miss out on somebody getting #POSTERIZED.
But was it as good as these?

Jamari Traylor - Kansas vs. Michigan State, 11/14
Doug Anderson - Detroit vs. St. John's, 11/13
Kris Brewer - Kent State vs. Temple, 11/13
Rakeem Christmas - Syracuse vs. San Diego State, 11/11
Deandre Daniels - UConn vs. Michigan State, 11/9
Ben McLemore - Kansas vs. Emporia State, 10/31
Keion Bell - Missouri vs. Northwest Missouri, 10/31

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