Welcome to Ballin' is a Habit!! College Basketball is the greatest sport in the world. From the Duke's and Kentucky's to the lowliest D-III's, no other sport can match the intensity level and the passion that both the fans and the players bring on a nightly basis. It is also home to the greatest spectacle in sports - March Madness and the NCAA Tournament.

B.I.A.H is your source for all the breaking news in the world of college hoops. B.I.A.H is the place to go if you want to find insightful opinions, brilliant analysis and entertaining content.

The site features numerous weekly columns and special features, Including but not limited to:

The Morning Dump - A gathering of daily news, thoughts, ideas and opinions from throughout the college basketball world
The Daily Shootaround - A succinct recap of the games and events from the previous night
The Pregame Beat - A daily primer for the games that are on tap
Breaking Down - Critical analysis using video and pictures to educate you on the X's and O's of different teams and players
Not-Top-Ten List - A weekly look at the worst teams, most pathetic performances and and most dumbfounding event
The Emery Board - A weekly breakdown of the remaining undefeated (and defeated) teams in the country
Bettin' is a Habit - Need some help deciding which games to pick? Then read Bettin' is a Habit, and do exactly the opposite
B.I.A.H Quotables - A collection of the funny, insightful and entertaining quotes from the week in hoops
B.I.A.H POSTERIZED - This critically-acclaimed series highlights the best dunks, slams, jams, alley-oops, put-backs and poster-dunks. We scour the interwebs looking for the most recent examples of above-the-rim action. B.I.A.H POSTERIZED is your first AND only source for college basketball dunk videos

But B.I.A.H is more than just weekly columns. We cover games, provide breakdowns and analyses, write editorials, ask questions, form opinions and create ideas. In short, we are everything you want, AND everything you need from the world of college hoops.

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