Road Trip Checklist


1. Witness 30 point scorer (Thank you, Reggie Hamilton)
4. Hearing student band that doesn't play anything that can be found on top 40 radio (There's been a bunch, but Butler's band played "War Pigs" by Black Sabbath)
5. Witness three legitimate #POSTERIZEDS (Thanks, #DezWells)
6. Picture with a live mascot (Boom. Butler Blue II)
7. Sample a non-local concession stand food (Nachos in Missouri)
8. A giant head of someone not associated with college basketball (Indiana and A LOT)
9. Picture with a student section Benedict Arnold (EMAW comes through)
10. Picture with the World's Largest "_____" (Roadtrip Sandbagger)
13. See a fan make a half court shot (Xavier kid saved us from our Kentucky embarrassment)
14. Take a shot at a "fan function" (#censored)
15. Drink a beer at a "fan function" (#censored)
16. Eat something that makes us "that's the best goddamn '______' I've ever had" (Ribs on ribs on ribs)
17. Take a picture with a lost fan (This poor soul)
18. Meet a player's mother (I met a Cleveland State player's mother. She didn't want to take a picture. Does that count?)
20. Eat at a restaurant featured Man vs. Food (Thank you, Camp Washington)

Scavenger Hunt left-to-do's:

2. Witness a triple-double
3. Take a picture with a real, live mullet.
11. Picture with an All-Name Team member
12. Participate in at least one "I Believe That We Will Win" chant
19. Get a trucker to honk his horn
21. Find a license plate with BIAH on it


- See a license plate for all 50 states:

Virginia (1), Texas (2), Delaware (3), West Virginia (4), Connecticut (5), New Jersey (6), New York (7), South Carolina (8), Maine (9), Louisiana (10), Michigan (11), Florida (12), North Dakota (13), Minnesota (14), Tennessee (15), Ohio (16), North Carolina (17), Illinois (18), California (19), Iowa (20), Missouri (21), Kentucky (22), New Mexico (23), Arkansas (24), Georgia (25), Oklahoma (26), Washington (27), South Dakota (28), Indiana (29)

- Rank the media room meals:

1. Xavier: Ribs, pulled pork, corn break and baked beans
2. Marquette: Everything -- breakfast buffet, two kinds of salad, potato and cheese soup, roasted chicken
3. Indiana: Pulled chicken and mac and cheese
4. Kansas: Burritos
5. Kentucky: Burgers
6. Missouri State: Wings
7. Belmont: Pizza
8. Butler: Pizza
9. Oral Roberts: Pizza
10. Oklahoma State: Popcorn
11. Wisconsin: Coffee
12. Missouri: Coke Zero Continue reading...


Anonymous said...

you saw a half court shot! cross it off!

punderbo said...

Cars in parking lots do NOT count.

Official rules. Look it up.

daisipt said...

Word verifications make the best comment names.

bachern said...

I agree. Cars in parking should never count.

Anonymous said...

You can participate in an altered "I Believe" chant tonight at Missouri State! They do one that says "All Hail Maroon and White" (Lyrics for the school alma mater).

Hope you have fun!

Anonymous said...

Hope this happens for you b/c I'd love to see the vid 12. Participate in at least one "I Believe That We Will Win" chant

this is the easiest thing to accomplish on a road trip #wherestheeffortfellas 19. Get a trucker to honk his horn

based on rob's tweets today a pic with troy would qualify as his "pic with world's biggest disappointment" 10. Picture with the World's Largest "_____"

Anonymous said...

you did "I Believe" tonight. hell, you can even add "Winning Team/Losing Team" to your list if you want.