Friday, January 4, 2013

Podcast: Why must you keeping doing this to yourself Memphis?

It's time for another special B.I.A.H. Podcast.

Troy Machir has some thoughts about what Memphis is doing right now.

In case you weren't aware, Memphis was going to cancel their non-conference rivalry game with Tennessee. Josh Pastner was pretty adamant about it to the media. But less than 48 hours, the Memphis AD was singing a different tune.


This is such a Memphis-thing for them to do.

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sabatino Chen almost beats Arizona

Colorado's Sabatino Chen had a career night against No. 3 Arizona. The senior guard scored a season-high 15 points, including two clutch 3-pointers. Coming in to the game he had made just two all season.

He almost made a third, off the glass, at the buzzer to beat the No. 3 team in the country on the road.

But like Eric Devendorf's 3-pointer at the end of regulation at the 2009 Big East Tournament, the shot did not count.

Unfortunately for Tad Boyle and the Colorado Buffaloes, they had no 6-OT magic in them.

Arizona won the game.

But man, what a shot. On a night where all the shots fell for Colorado, the one they needed was called off. But was it good? take a look at this screencap. One clock says the game is over and the other says it isn't.

The kid banked home a game-winning three. Give it to him already. Continue reading...