Thursday, November 15, 2012

#POSTERIZED: The Perfect Storm

This is the perfect #POSTERIZED dunk.

1. A Backup forward throws down a nasty, borderline-filthy baseline one-hander in garbage time of a 40-point blowout.

2. Then earns a technical foul for taunting...during garbage time of a 40-blowout.

3. Entire bench starts to crack up.

4. Backup forward gets credited with both the dunk AND the assist.


That's exactly what Missouri backup forward Stefan Jankovic did during the late second half of a 37-point blowout victory over Alcorn State on Tuesday night.

I dare you to find me a more complete sequence of entertaining late-game events than this.

I dare you.

But was it as good as these?

Clancy Rugg - Vermont vs. UConn, 11/13
Jamari Traylor - Kansas vs. Michigan State, 11/13
Doug Anderson - Detroit vs. St. John's, 11/13
Kris Brewer - Kent State vs. Temple, 11/13
Rakeem Christmas - Syracuse vs. San Diego State, 11/11
Deandre Daniels - UConn vs. Michigan State, 11/9
Ben McLemore - Kansas vs. Emporia State, 10/31
Keion Bell - Missouri vs. Northwest Missouri, 10/31

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