Tuesday, November 20, 2012

#POSTERIZED: Make way for Ben McLemore

No seriously. Get out of his way.

The high-flying redshirt-freshman has no regard for human safety, be it his opponents, his teammates or himself.

Here he his dunking all over Washington State and his own Jayhawks teammate Jamari Traylor.

Both McLemore and teammate Traylor have make earlier appearances on #POSTERIZED, and both clearly wanted another invite.

It looks like McLemore won.

But was it as good as these?

Andre Roberson - Colorado vs. Murray State, 11/18
Doug Anderson - Detroit vs. Drake, 11/17
Archie Goodwin - Kentucky vs. Lafayette, 11/16
John Brown - High Point vs. Appalachian State, 11/13
Stefan Jankovic - Missouri vs. Alcorn State, 11/14
Cole Dickerson - San Francisco vs. Cal State-East Bay, 11/13
Clancy Rugg - Vermont vs. UConn, 11/13
Jamari Traylor - Kansas vs. Michigan State, 11/13
Doug Anderson - Detroit vs. St. John's, 11/13
Kris Brewer - Kent State vs. Temple, 11/13
Rakeem Christmas - Syracuse vs. San Diego State, 11/11
Deandre Daniels - UConn vs. Michigan State, 11/9
Ben McLemore - Kansas vs. Emporia State, 10/31
Keion Bell - Missouri vs. Northwest Missouri, 10/31

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