Friday, November 11, 2011

Wild Bill drops some knowledge on "Occupy the Spectrum", Utah State's BYU camp out

Utah State kicks off their season at 9:05 tonight against heated in-state rival BYU, and as you might expect, the fans -- those fans we all know and love oh-so-much -- are quite fired up for the game.

How much so?

Thousands of them camped out, arriving as early as 3:00 am on Wednesday, in temperatures that reached down into the teens for the right to sit at the front of the student section Friday night. The Spectrum reserves about 4,000 seats for students, but for big games such as BYU, those seats go relatively quickly. Hence the camping. Here, let Wild Bill educate you:

It gets better. BYU showed up at The Spectrum at some point last night, and they were greeted by a raucous crowd screaming "Welcome to hell!":

You see this? All of this?

This is why we are taking a road trip to The Spectrum this year.

No more explanation necessary.

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