Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Morning Dump

Today's dump is light. Much of my week has been spent tying up loose ends as we prepare to tackle the 2011-2012 season But anything you don't find here can probably be found here.

- The answer to this question is No

- Good-read from Seth Davis on real backdrop of the Carrier Classic

- Even if it rains, the Carrier Classic isn't going below deck

- Lexington is the best college basketball city in America

- In case you didn't know, or couldn't tell by looking at him, Brad Stevens is a (stats) nerd

- Luke Winn by the numbers (Yes Please)

What's more bizarre: a former-Jehovahs Witness playing college hoops, or a Jehovahs Witness who is seven feet tall

- How will the Penn State basketball team move forward a midst all the University-wide scandal

- An idiots guide to the offseason (Isn't that what a layman is?)

- What if the Morris twins (Morri) would have stayed in school?

- Mike DeCourcy lists the top ten power forwards in the country

- Kendall Marshall is clearly a fan of 'Anchorman'

- A solid diary entry from VCU assistant coach Will Wade

- Long Beach State is living by one simple message this year: FINISH

- Unrelated, but Holy Smokes, Erin Andrews looked slammin' on Wednesday night at the CMAs

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