Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Morning Dump

- Its easy to see why Josh Harrellson was such a popular guy for the Wildcats. He plays hard and he saves lives.

- The big news of the weekend was that Texas A&M to the SEC was a foregone conclusion. Then the SEC announced that they were staying at 12 teams, which would mean that for the second time in 14 months, A&M would have to walk back to the Big 12 with their tail between their legs. But as Andy Staples explains, its far from over yet.

As a side note, nothing in this world makes me more depressed, bored, or liable to tear my hair out than discussing conference expansion. Our coverage of the topic will be limited at best. So you should read people like Ryan Greene for that kind of stuff.

- There are three players on this list from Memphis, but no mention of Orlando Johnson or Greg Mangano?

- Corey Schmidt is doing some solid work for the folks over at Basketball Prospectus.

- Five for the Weekend, Goodman style.

- More talk about Steven Adams. This kid has gotten quite a bit of hype the last few weeks.

- It looks like Wendell McKines is finally healthy.

- Northwestern freshman guard Tre Demps needs shoulder surgery.

- Matt Derenbecker is heading to Dayton.

- DJ Newbill is transferring to Penn State.

- Allan Chaney is looking to continue his basketball career elsewhere.

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