Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Morning Dump

- STOP with the realignment stuff. I hate Texas A&M AND the SEC right now

- The Gameday sites were released yesterday. I don't really feel like writing about it, so go read what Dana O'Neil has to say.

- One of my favorite columns of the summer from Luke Winn as he tries to predict the breakout sophomores.

- Quite a few takes worthy of linkage on the APR change. Here's Mike Miller's, here's Mike DeCourcy's and here's Jason Whitlock's.

- So I guess Steven Adams is pretty good.

- The complete roster for the Boost Mobile Elite games has been announced.

- Quite an honor bestowed upon Orlando Johnson

- Terrence Ross better have a good year at Washington

- Justin Young is still counting down his top 100 players. I like this kid Deonte Burton from Nevada.

- LSU landed a recruit. So did UNLV.

- Vince Carter is giving $2.5 million to UNC. He should donate it to our budget.

- Wendell McKines looks like he's getting healthy

- The USA won their first game in the World University Games

- I'm not sure a story has bored me as much as the neverending saga of the North Dakota Fighting Sioux

- Boise State fired their AD.

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