Monday, August 24, 2009

Bill Murray's son to Arizona

Emanual "Book" Richardson is known as one of the best recruiters in the business. The Queens native and former New York Gauchos coach moved from Xavier to Arizona with head coach Sean Miller back in April.

Now, if you remember, Arizona was expected to have an Indiana-like collapse this season. Chase Budinger and Jordan Hill both left school and Nic Wise had declared for the draft and was expected to head to Europe.

But in part due to Richardson's recruiting ability, Arizona was able to put together a solid incoming class full of top 100 talents. Two of those recruits, Lamont Jones and Kevin Parrom, are from NYC; there is little doubt that Richardson was a large factor in getting them to a school on the other side of the country.

But Richardson wasn't done bringing people into the Arizona program.

Over the weekend, the Wildcats hired Luke Murray as a graduate assistant.

Arizona has hired Luke Murray as a graduate assistant.
(photo credit: Post University)

Does that name sound familiar?

It should. Luke is the son of Bill Murray. You know, that Bill Murray.

Luke is a 2007 graduate of Fairfield University in Connecticut and has had previous coaching gigs with Quinnipiac and DII Post University. He also has experience on the AAU coaching circuit, working with the New York Gauchos with ... Book Richardson.

(Full disclosure: Luke was the same year in high school as I was, and our AAU teams played a number of times. We usually beat them and Luke came off the bench, but I did meet Bill at one tournament.)

What does this all mean? Probably not too much. But it is a bit curious that Arizona would hire the son of the most famous Illini alum.

I mean, do you remember this game?

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