Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Morning Dump

Paid student for sex; beats boss with baseball bat; 11 year old saves his family from a fire; this dude must be terrified; fired for Seinfeld joke.

- Another must read book.

- Scandals ruined the offseason.

- Enshrining Bobby Knight in the Indiana HOF is a dumb idea.

- Another story of a handler starting a recruiting website to try and get paid.

- Brandon Knight has a top 5. Harrison Barnes has cut his list to six, and so has Kyrie Irving.

- Kevin Stallings was offered a $100,000 raise after he dropped that amount on a trip to Australia for his team. He declined.

- Does this surprise anyone?

- Top 100 recruit Justin Martin from Indiana picked Xavier.

- Andy Hill on John Wooden.

- Fans in Kentucky: blind faith?

- Tourney dates switch.

- Forget the "weed", that is a terrible tattoo.

- I thought Notre Dame sucked?

- Florida State: stop snitching.

- From the movies to a walk-on at Clemson.

- I love baseball fan fights, and Josh Selby from the Boost Mobile game after the jump.

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