Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Morning Dump

Be careful what you post on facebook; this guy's wife and daughter sandbag him online; the 50 best websites; be careful what you download, nice guy.

- Nimrod Tishmad has enrolled at Florida.

- The top transfers of 2009-2010.

- Goodman talks with Kevin Stallings about the money he spent on his team's trip to Australia.

- If a Final Four is taken away, did it ever exist?

- Seth Davis on John Wooden.

- Duke Big Balls does their top 21. #17 cracked me up.

- The best player to wear each number 0-99.

- Crean into Marquette hall of fame.

- Read the comments section - K-State alum becomes a Kansas blogger. Readers are not too thrilled.

- TrueHoop's take on Michael Beasley to rehab.

- The most influential people in basketball.

- This is why I'll never be a pro soccer player in Bolivia.

- Someone should have told this dude the fight started.

- I doubt this guy fights in Texas again.

1 comment:

Tmachir said...

a very solid dump.

Im surpised how many soccer players made the list and HM for "best players wearing a certain number"

I cant remeber who said this, but it was a former MMA fighter, and he said "You never want to get knocked down with the first punch. Nobody wants to be 'that' guy who got nocked out in 8 seconds."

I wish Max Kellerman and Tony Realli co-hosted Around the Horn.