Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bruce Pearl is none to happy about the Josh Selby situation

Yesterday, we talked about Josh Selby, the PG recruit that de-committed from Tennessee to re-open his recruiting under somewhat shady circumstances. Dana O'Neil wrote a piece about players backing out on their commitment to a school. In it, she says that there is an unwritten rule in the coaching ranks - once a guy has committed somewhere, you stop going after him.

But it doesn't always work like that.

At least that's what Bruce Pearl seems to believe.

Josh Selby has de-committed from Tennessee to the ire of Bruce Pearl.
(photo credit: Strait Pinkie)

In an interview yesterday with ESPN's Andy Katz on ESPN U (h/t Zagsblog), Pearl had this to say:
I think as coaches, we want to ethically make sure that if a guy’s got a commitment, leave him alone,” Pearl told ESPN’s Andy Katz on Monday in Orlando in a segment that appeared on ESPNU. “Now, student-athletes have a right to do what’s in their best interests.

“And if they think it’s in their best interests to open up their recruiting and look at something else, then they should do that because I don’t want somebody that doesn’t want to necessarily play for us. And I think every mother or father wants what’s best for their kids.

“And if I’m not what’s best for their kids…then that’s fine. Then you go find somebody that is. I think the big thing is…Once I see a guy committed, that’s it. No more phone calls. You don’t put it out there, ‘In case we had interest, would you open up your recruiting?

“It’s over, leave him alone.”
A little bit of sour grapes? Probably. But he has a point - it does go against the practices of the coaching fraternity.

When it comes down to it, however, he shouldn't be surprised that his peers have questionable ethics. Have you not read this blog the last two days?

Bottom line - once a kid has committed to a school, if he actually listens to other coaches talking to him, he probably isn't fully committed to going to your school. If you start dating a girl, but she keeps cheating on you, then odds are she doesn't really want to be in a relationship - be committed to you.

You move on and find someone else.

Hey Bruce, there's a stud PG in your home state by the name of Joe Jackson. He is still interested in Tennessee. Go land him.

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