Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rick Majerus must have really liked Public Enemies

Do you remember the name Anthony DiLoreto?

He is a 7'0" recruit from Minnesota that had committed to Cal Poly San Luis Obisbo. But he never enrolled.


Because he was arrested ... for robbing a bank!

This is what happened. DiLoreto and a friend drove 125 miles to Wisconsin, and while DiLoreto sat outside in the getaway car, his friend went into the bank to rob it. But DiLoreto got scared, left the bank, and began driving home. His friend was caught 45 minutes later walking along the side of the road. He spilled the beans, and the seven-footer was arrested back in his Minnesota hometown.

Anthony DiLoreto has been offered by Rick Majerus
despite the fact he hasn't settled the charges against him.
(photo credit: BIAH)

Yes, this is a serious crime, but that doesn't mean this kid doesn't deserve a second chance. We all make poor decisions growing up, and whether it is smoking a little reefer, getting in a fight, or cheating on a test, high school debauchery does not an evil person make.

DiLoreto, who reneged on his commitment to Cal Poly, has been receiving some interest from A-10, Big Ten, and WCC schools, and when he gets all these legal issues figured out (assuming he keeps his nose clean), I see no reason why he shouldn't get a shot at turning his life around. Hey, Zack Randolph and Allen Iverson both did time in high school, and while they are far from model citizens, both have ├╣somewhat managed to stay out of trouble.

Here's the issue: DiLoreto's next court date is August 7th, and the case could be settled by then. But according to Gary Parrish, he has already been offered a scholarship by Rick Majerus at St. Louis. I mean, the kid is still facing serious jail time - he tried to rob a freakin' BANK - and you've already offered?

That's the coaching world we live in these days. The "what have you won for me lately" mentality has made it a necessity for coaches to toss their scruples out the window. And we all know what a stand-up guy Majerus is.

Parrish got a great quote from one coach:
I'll take him right now, or in three-to-five years.
Sounds about right.

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Anonymous said...

give the kid a break...GEEEZ!!! after all he in no way (in the real definition of the law) can be connected to this crime....not even as a conspirator! he chgd his mind left b4 the crime was committed and went back home. what is he being chasrged wit .thinking dirty??!!