Tuesday, July 28, 2009

TWO MORE THOUGHTS ON RECRUITING CORRUPTION: Yesterday, we wrote about how many stories involving sleaze going on behind the scenes during the recruiting process. Late last night, Dana O'Neil had an article posted to ESPN.com that said the NCAA sent out a mass email telling coaches that it could be a violation if they attended a dinner for Grassroots Basketball of America, which is headed by Sonny Vaccaro. Apparently, some coaches still attended, but they simply did not pay the $800 price tag.

O'Neil also said there was a $160 fee for the GBOA showcase.

Is this a sign the NCAA is cracking down?

You know, with at the legal ways to funnel money to AAU coaches, handlers, and the players themselves, if amazes me that some guys (Tim Floyd, I'm looking at you) still allow themselves to get caught.

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