Monday, June 1, 2009

Facebooking is dangerous

SHAWN TAGGART IS STILL UNDECIDED: Over the weekend, Memphis fans got a huge scare from (where else) Facebook, as Shawn Taggart updated his status to say the following (h/t Jeff Goodman):

Willie,p,spoon,dmack,,white chocolate,and angle......... love yal (expletive) no (expletive) but...... its ova wit...... yal hold it down.
And Derrick Rose couldn't get into Memphis?

Apparently, it was all a hoax.

"I just did that to see how much they like me in Memphis," Taggart told Goodman, "I was just messing with people. I still haven’t made a decision yet.

Taggart also told Goodman that he would be staying in the draft if he will go in the middle of the second round. Given how difficult it is to predict where a player will go outside of the lottery, it is almost a guarantee that Taggart will be "projected" as a mid second rounder. Taggart is 24 years old, and given the controversy currently surrounding the Memphis program and this summer's media circus, I think it is unlikely that Taggart will play for Josh Pastner.

COACH CAL'S DAUGHTER DOESN'T LIKE PAT FORDE: John Calipari has not been quiet with his distaste for's Pat Forde. You see, Forde has been the WWL's go-to guy covering the whole Memphis-Derrick Rose-SAT scandal (his latest column can be found here).

So how did Cal decide to voice his displeasure? Via twitter, of course.

Forde continued to cover the investigation, and it is safe to say Erin Calipari was none too pleased with his work. Check out her recent Facebook statuses (status's? stati?):

(photo credit: Deadspin)

Megan Calipari, Erin's younger sister, had her own Facebook encounter, as she was the one to break the news that Memphis had hired Pastner. Calipari later apologized.

Via Twitter.

Is this really the world that I live in?

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