Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Official - Middle Schoolers Are College Prospects

We've talked at length here at BIAH (and here and here) about how college coaches are going younger and younger when recruiting potential players. The NABC denounced the recruitment and taking commitments from kids at too young of an age, but the NCAA has finally stepped in. From the AP:

The NCAA has decreed that seventh-graders are now officially classified as prospects.

The organization voted Thursday to change the definition of a prospect from ninth grade to seventh grade — for men's basketball only — to nip a trend in which some college coaches were working at private, elite camps and clinics for seventh- and eighth-graders. The NCAA couldn't regulate those camps because those youngsters fell below the current cutoff.
Is this the world we are living in? Are coaches really recruiting 12 year olds?

This is all LeBron's fault...

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