Friday, December 16, 2011

POSTERIZED: Better late than never (Feat. Jared Cunningham)

I hate missing a dunk. I hate not knowing about it. I hate not being informed about it,. I hate not seeing it live or shortly thereafter. I also hate when #POSTERIZED isn't the first on the scene with video of the dunk, and hate when people don't recognize the efforts made by B.I.A.H POSTERIZED.

But I really hate it when I wake up in the morning to find out that a) Jared Cunningham had a NASTY reverse alley-oop jam, b) everybody else saw the dunk but me and d)everybody else got the video up before B.I.A.H did.

Yes, I have issues. But we're not hear to debate that. We're hear to marvel at Jared Cunningham's freakish athleticism and dunking ability.

Cunningham took the world by storm last season with his "Kiss the Sky" dunk. But since then, we haven't seen as many highlight reel dunks from him as we would like to. Because, I mean, wouldn't you want to see this guy dunk as often as Tony Mitchell? I know I would.

I guess this is the place in the post where I have to acknowledge my video sources. I mean, if I learned one thing from college it was this: Always cite your sources.

But it's funny because I've noticed that there are decent number of media professionals who commonly fail to cite their sources.

Seriously people, it's called a H/T. Start to use it.

(H/T Rush the Court, The Dagger, Deadspin, YouTube)

But was it as good as these?

Tony Mitchell, Alabama vs. Detroit, 12/12
Vander Blue, Marquette vs. UW-Green Bay, 12/11
Ronald Roberts, St. Joseph's vs. Creighton, 12/10
Dion Waiters, Syracuse vs. George Washington, 12/10 (DotY Candidate)
Victor Oladipo, Indiana vs. Kentucky, 12/10
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Georgia vs. Georgia Tech, 12/10
Vander Blue, Marquette vs. Washington, 12/6
Terrence Ross, Washington vs. Marquette, 12/6
Deville Smith, Mississippi State vs. West Virginia, 12/3
Terrence Jones, Kentucky vs. North Carolina, 12/3
Tony Mitchell, Alabama vs. Georgetown, 12/1
Anthony Marshall, UNLV vs. UNC, 11/26
Michael Kidd-Glichrist, Kentucky vs. Portland, 11/26/11 (DotY Candidate)
Markel Brown, Oklahoma State vs. Virginia Tech, 11/25
Rodney Williams, Minnesota vs. DePaul, 11/24
Thomas Robinson, Kansas vs. Duke, 11/23
Stan Okoye, VMI vs. Ohio State, 11/23
Kyisean Reed, Utah State vs. Southern Utah, 11/19
Ra'Shad James, Iona vs. Western Michigan, 11/18
Alandise Harris, Houston vs. Arkansas, 11/18
Sam Thompson, Ohio State vs. Jackson State, 11/18
Tony Mitchell, Alabama vs. Wichita State, 11/18
Eric Griffin, Campbell vs. North Carolina A&T, 11/18 (DotY Candidate)
Olek Czyz, Nevada vs. Pacific, 11/17
Chris Watson, Pikeville vs. Mountain State, 11/16
Ray Willis, North Carolina Central vs. Wagner, 11/16
Mike James, Lamar vs. Ohio, 11/15 (DotY Candidate)
Quincy Acy, Baylor vs. San Diego State, 11/15
Deniz Kilicli, West Virginia vs. Kent State, 11/15
Chris Evans, Kent State vs. West Virginia, 11/15
Tony Mitchell, Alabama vs. Oakland, 11/14
Isaiah Brown, East Tennessee State vs. Virginia Tech, 11/12
Michael Lyons, Air Force vs. Army, 11/11
Dezmine Wells, Xavier vs. Morgan State, 11/11
Jeremy Lamb, UConn vs. Columbia, 11/11 (DotY Candidate)
Andre Drummond, UConn vs. CW Post, 11/4
Moe Harkless, St. John's vs. CW Post, 10/26

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