Friday, December 23, 2011

B.I.A.H. Presents: Road Trippin' is a Habit

B.I.A.H has grown a lot in the three years it's been in operation. Viewership has gone up, media attention has gone up, and the growing fan support has been tremendous.

Heading in to this season, we wanted to do something big, something that said "we've arrived", something that would test our journalism skills, professionalism and mental toughness.

See, we're from the East Coast, so a good basketball game is never too far away. But America is a big place. It's filled with great college towns and famous arenas that we may never have the opportunity to visit.

So, we decided to devise a month-long, country-wide college basketball road-trip. Starting on January 6th, we will be visiting 15 different colleges and universities and will be covering 13 games. We will be visiting tailgates, interacting with student sections and getting to know the great fans and alumni of the schools we visit.

There are so many great stories to be told. So many great venues to visit, so many teams to watch and environments to be a part of.

But our trip cannot and will not be a success with out your help. We want to meet you, interact with your friends, and get to know why your school is the best in the country. We want to know where we should go to grab a burger, the best place to grab a pint, and the best sports bar in town.

This is a call to arms.

We urge you all to interact with us on Twitter (@Ballinisahabit and @BIAHTroyMachir) and we will be using FourSquare to let you all know exactly where we are. You will also be able to follow us using the #BIAHroadtrip hash-tag on twitter.

Have a look at our trip itinerary, and if we're in your town, or if you know of some good people who live there, let them know were coming.

- Friday 1/6 - Belmont vs. Lipscomb - Nashville, TN

- Saturday 1/7 - Kentucky vs. South Carolina - Lexington, KY

- Wednesday 1/11 - Xavier vs. Duquesne - Cincinnati, OH

- Thursday 1/12 - Indiana vs. Minnesota - Bloomington, IN

- Friday 1/13 - Butler vs. Cleveland State - Indianapolis, IN

- Saturday 1/14 - Marquette vs. Pittsburgh - Milwaukee, WI

- Sunday 1/15 - Wisconsin vs. Nebraska - Madison, WI

- Monday 1/16 - Missouri vs. Texas A&M - Columbia, MO

- Wednesday 1/18 - Missouri State vs. Creighton - Springfield, MO

- Saturday 1/21 - Oklahoma State vs. Kansas State - Stillwater, OK
- Saturday 1/21 - Oral Roberts vs. Oakland - Tulsa, OK (DOUBLE-HEADER)

- Monday 1/23 - Kansas vs. Texas A&M - Lawrence, KS

- Thursday 1/26 - Utah State vs. Hawaii - Logan, UT

So again, take note, and speak up. We want and need your help to make this trip a success. So invite us to your tailgate, teach us the chants and cheers, meet up with us after a game and hell, maybe we'll buy you a beer or two. Lord knows we're going to need them.

We will be providing daily diaries from the road and video journals from each game we attend. You can also expect the same great game analysis and insight that makes B.I.A.H one of a kind.

This trip won't be easy. Things are bound to go wrong. Our car is likely to break down at least once. I plan on getting lost no fewer than three times, and the likelihood of Rob and I arguing, bickering and not speaking to each other is very, very high. Plus, I've heard that the weather in the Midwest isn't too friendly this time of year.

But this is an opportunity of a lifetime.

Who knows if we will ever have another opportunity to visit Rupp Arena. This might be the only chance we ever have to see Wild Bill Sproat and the Utah State student section live in action.

If neither of us every make it in the sports media world, at least we'll know that during the 2011-2012 season we gave it our all, left it all out there, and didn't hold back. We're out to prove ourselves as journalists, professionals, and fans of the sport. Blogging isn't all that it's cracked up to be, and we're here to prove that we are more than just keyboard warriors.

We are starting 2012 with a bang, and we want you to be a part of it.

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scott said...

When in Bloomington, Nick's is THE IU pretty much have to at least stop in there. Plenty of other cool sports bars in town, but Nick's is the must.