Saturday, September 10, 2011

Weekend Dump

In honor of this special weekend, Ten Year Anniversary of 9/11/01, Start of NFL fantasy football season, my return back to the United States, I have decided to provide you with a Weekend Dump.

- Eamonn Brennan provides you must-read story of the weekend. He went out and gathered some amazing quotes from college basketball players recalling their memories of 9/11/01 (DO NOT PROCEED WITH THE DUMP UNTIL YOU HAVE FINISHED THIS ARTICLE)

- Gary Parrish provides his always-entertaining "Five for the Weekend"

- A great-read on Dickie-V and the tremendous effort he puts in to giving back to the community

- Kemba Walker wasn't on any Pre-season All-America teams last season, and he certainly made all of us look like fools. Mike DeCourcy provides a list of players (and two teams) that could make us look like fools again.

- Rick Ross will be performing at Memphis' Midnight Madness

- Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott doesn't want to add any more teams. Kansas Coach Bill self calls conference realignment "hypocritical". ACC officials are mulling the idea of raising the buyout price

- The first aircraft carrier game is still months away and yet planning a sequel in 2012 is already being talked about

- Maryland's football uniforms have been the talk of the town this week. Do you think potential recruits don't take school colors and uniforms into consideration when deciding their futures? Think again. Archie Goodwin eliminated Baylor from his list of potential schools because he doesn't like the green/gold color combination

- Jason King opens up the reader mailbag

- North Texas picked up another transfer and now looks to be the favorite to win the Sun Belt Conference and make it's third consecutive trip to March Madness

- Former-Wright State head coach Ralph Underhill passed away early Friday morning. He was 70 years old

- The campaign to name the court at Maryland's Comcast Center after Gary Williams is starting to tread some water. It seems like the name is still up for debate. Speaking of the Terps, their fans want to see Wale at Midnight Madness (The DMV-native performed at Georgetown's Midnight Madness last season)

- A bunch of great words on the under-appreciated coaches in the MAAC

- Arena Pulse previews the 76 Classic

- UC-Riverside wants a new identity and a new logo

- Click here to find a link to every team schedule for the Atlantic-10 Conference, a long with a bunch of A-10 related links

- Tom Izzo hung out with "The Situation" (Is this considered news?)

- Bowling Green has themselves a fan-made music video (It's already better than anything Swiperboy has made)

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