Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sarah Palin's biography claims ... she slept with Glen Rice?!?

For the first time ever, I think I've found an argument that could convince me that college athletes shouldn't get paid.

It doesn't come from Jay Bilas. Its not an argument put out there by anyone that works at the Atlantic or ESPN or the NCAA. Its an excerpt from a book written by investigative reporter Joe McGinnis, who moved in next door to Sarah Palin. From The National Enquirer:

McGinniss claims Sarah had a steamy interracial hookup with basketball stud GLEN RICE less than a year before she eloped with her husband Todd.

Sarah hooked up with the NBA great, then a 6-foot-8 junior at the University of Michigan when he was playing in a college basketball tournament in Alaska in 1987, the book says. At the time, Sarah, just out of college, was working as a sports reporter for the Anchorage TV station KTUU.

A publishing source told The ENQUIRER that McGinniss claims Sarah had a “fetish” for black men at the time and he quotes a friend as saying Sarah had "hauled (Rice's) ass down."

A source unrelated to the book told The ENQUIRER, Todd was very much in the picture at the time and the couple married just nine months later.

In the book, McGinniss quotes Rice as confirming the one-night stand.
A one-night stand with an eventual vice-presidential candidate, and a hot one to boot. I'd say that's worth the money that Rice's scholarship didn't cover and the thousands of dollars he created for the University of Michigan by leading them to the 1989 NCAA title. I'm not even being sarcastic. What a great story.

And the crazy part is it may be the second-funniest incident Rice has been involved in. In 2008, he was arrested for beating the hell out of a guy he found in the closet when he caught his wife cheating on him. I wonder if R. Kelly will do a 12 part series on "Sleeping with Sarah Palin" now?

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