Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Coach K's limo: why is everyone so impressed?

Every Tuesday night, from 10 pm to 11 pm, I am indisposed. You see, that's when the new episode of Sons of Anarchy comes on FX every week, and while I love TiVo as much as anyone, SoA is one of the few shows where I need to watch it live. Its that good.

So you can forgive me for missing out on the hub-bub surrounding Coach K's decision to roll up to see Class of 2013 studs Jabari Parker and Julius Randle in a limo yesterday.

But can you also forgive me for not understanding why this is such a big deal, especially considering he actually showed up in a Yukon Denali with a driver? Frankly, it would be more surprising to me if Duke showed up in something other than a limo.

Now, Coach K -- and two other member of his staff -- were far from the only coaches in the gym yesterday. Illinois, Michigan State, Ohio State and Kansas were among the other coaching staffs reportedly watching Parker's workout. Now, I've been in my share of limo rides. I went to prom and I've been in wedding parties. Hell, Troy was able to talk his dad into expensing our ride to the airport to go to the final four in an escalade with a driver.

I get how cool it is -- and how cool it seems from the outside -- to be riding in a limo.

But it also makes me wonder just how the rest of these coaching staffs are getting around. Is Thad Matta stuck waiting in the absurdly long lines at Hertz like the rest of us Joe Schmoes? Does Bill Self roll up to workouts pushing a Prius? Honestly, I think I'd be more impressed to see a coach roll up like Xavier's Chris Mack did in Vegas two summers ago.

One thing I did notice as I went back through my twitter feed last night was that people were saying this is exactly what Duke wants, people talking about their recruiting tactics. I disagree. Coach K probably wanted Parker and Randle to know he took a limo, but now that the entire college basketball world knows, doesn't this also mean that Coach K is going to have to take a limo to see every recruit he visits this fall? Otherwise, won't a recruit -- and a recruit's inner circle -- start saying they don't want us as much, they didn't show up in a limo?

Maybe its a good thing Glen Rice took our attention away from this.

It also gives a whole new meaning to this commercial:

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Hire Esherick said...

The limo thing is nothing new, it came out in an article about Greg Monroe where it actually worked against Coach K and staff.