Friday, September 9, 2011

Santa Clara's Robert Garrett cuts weight ... to zip-line?

You ever heard of a college basketball player cutting weight?

I certainly haven't, but that's exactly what Santa Clara's Robert Garrett did on the team's trip to Vancouver. You see, Santa Clara had set up a couple of excursions that included things like zip-lining, but those activities had a weight limit. If you were over 250 lb, you had to sit them out. Garrett got to Vancouver at 255 lb.

So he did some sprints and changed his shoes and ... hell, I'll let him tell it:

That's a great story.

Can you imagine what those Canadian folks thought when they saw a 6'10" kid doing wind sprints and jumping jacks and pulling off his socks, all in an effort to sweat out those last two pounds?

(h/t NHR)

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