Thursday, July 28, 2011

POSTERIZED: Shaquille Cleare makes a point

Nerlens Noel is the best shot blocker in all of high school basketball.

Don't believe me?

ESPN says he is "an absolutely incredible shot blocker with uncanny defensive instincts" and that "he may already be in the best shot-blocker in the country". Scout says he "gets off the ground quick, has extreme length and is a tremendous athlete". Alex Schwartz said he was the "most dominant defender" at the Nike Peach Jam.

And Shaquille Cleare -- who, in fairness, is 25th in the Consensus Recruiting Rankings -- dunked on him:

I apologize for the quality of the video; I'm sure something better will come along eventually. We will update the post then. But we are trying to rush the out.


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