Thursday, July 28, 2011

Guerdwich Montimere gets three years, admits he's Guerdwich Montimere

The saga of Guerdwich Montimere can now officially be called the saga of Guerdwich Montimere.

That name should ring a bell. Montimere is the 22 year old Florida native that moved to Texas and posed as then-15 year old Jerry Joseph all for a second chance at basketball glory.

His plan worked for a while, as he became a hoops star at the football-centric Permian High School in Odessa, TX, which is better known as that football team from Friday Night Lights (the book and the movie, not the TV show). But since he was a high school hoops star, Montimere/Joseph was picked up by a local AAU team. When he took a trip to a major AAU Tournament in Arkansas, he was recognized by coaches from a team in Florida. They blew his cover and, eventually, he was arrested.

Montimere was charged falsifying government documents, which he did in order to convince Permian administrators that he was young enough to be a high school underclassmen. But the more serious charges were a result of Joseph, Montimere's 15 year old persona, doing what 15 year old boys do -- sleep with 15 year old girls. Montimere was actually 22 at the time. That's called statutory rape.

This all happened last May.

On Wednesday, Montimere was sentenced. According his plea deal, he would get three years in prison -- a fairly light sentence that was only agreed upon due to the insistence of Montimere's high school girlfriend -- as long as he admitted in court that he wasn't Joseph, which he did. Montimere is also going to have to register as a sex offender, which may end up being more difficult to deal with than the his three year bid.

Remember, this comes just weeks after he allowed GQ to do a profile on him in which he claimed to truly be Joseph.

Hopefully, this is the last we will here of this story, at least until Montimere gets out of jail.

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