Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekend Dump

Another fully loaded Saturday of hoops action. 144 games in all, featuring 17 top-25 teams. Enjoy.

- Thomas Robinson wrote an open letter following the roughest, toughest week of his entire life

- A must-read list of all the Jimmer Fredette comparisons

- Matt Norlander, one of the great CBS College basketball writers is loaning out his blog, College Hoops Journal, to four up-and-coming writers (I guess my invitation got lost in the mail....Right?)

- Diamond Leung notes that a couple of coaches are going out on a limb to ensure their student sections stay classy

- Ken Davis hits the 'Beyond the Arc' mailbag hard and dishes on JimmerJam2011, the difference between a red-shirt and a medical red-shirt, and his thoughts on Arkansas

- Matt Jones tells us the Jay Bilas is going to be doing some investigating into the recruitment of Enes Kanter by the University of Washington

- This post is a couple days old, but needs to be re-mentioned. The BracketBusters match ups are coming up soon and it feels like nobody knows that. Andy Katz provides his picks for 11 match-ups that should take place

- Apparently Freddy Asprilla, the former FIU and K-State player who left Manhattan, Kansas earlier in the month to pursue a pro career to raise money for his ailing mother, is going to transfer to Canasius. Since when has Canasius been allowed to pay players and get away with it. (Well, you'd have to pay me to play in Buffalo)

- Ryan Greene provides a cold and refreshing six-pack of the college hoops variety

- Jeff Eisenberg reports on a new dance craze that is taking over as the Northern Iowa pre-game ritual (The choreography could be better, but hey, anything to break away from the standard "Zombie Nation" routine is always a plus)

- A great breakdown of the great individual game performances from earlier this season

- TCU has suspended their leading scorer Ronnie Moss indefinitely for "a failure to adhere to the standards of the program". Moss was also ranked fourth in the MWC in scoring with 15.9-ppg

- So what exactly who is going to end up getting the three new tickets to the 68-team Big Dance?

- Arizona should be thanking Tim Floyd and his never ending sleaziness for helping Derrick Williams end up in a Wildcats jersey

- I imagine you watched the BYU/SDSU game on Wednesday night. So then you saw Kawhi Leonard have a diesel-performance all while having flu-like symptoms, right? The Aztecs need to hand him the keys to the beamer already

- JimmerJam 2011 has been making BYU a whole lot of cash. Tickets to home games are up to as much as $300 a-pop and No.32 BYU jerseys are flying off the shelves

- A solid-read on that god-awful "U-C-O-N-N, UCONN, UCONN, UCONN" cheer (seriously, it's terrible. The cheer that is, not the post. The post is pretty good)

- Lost Letterman provides their updated Bubble Watch (Andy Glockner still has the premiere Bubble Watch in the country, But I'm starting to really like the work L-L puts in)

- There is a reason they call the Big East "The Beast". With the exception of South Florida, DePaul, Rutgers, and sometimes Seton Hall, the conference is pretty stacked

- We know about tOSU's Jared Sullinger, David Lighty, Dallas Lauderdale, William Buford, and JohN Diebler. But it's Aaron Craft who is becoming the team's unsung leader

- Ole Miss' Chris Warren doesn't want his college career to end without a trip to the NCAA Tournament

- Harrison Barnes' new nickname is "the Black Falcon"?

Gus Johnson is using the Big Ten Network as a platform to get his pipes ready for March

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