Sunday, October 3, 2010

Enes Kanter ruled out of Kentucky's practices

The NCAA has ruled Kentucky's Enes Kanter ineligible to participate in practice until his eligibility hearing finishes playing out.

Originally, he was granted a 45 day grace period to workout with the team while they prepared for a preseason trip to Canada, and once that ran out, he was given an extension. That extension came due on Thursday.

Its a tough break for the 6'11" freshman from Turkey, especially if the NCAA's ruling continues past the October 15th start of practice. Its tough enough for a freshman to pick up a new college system without missing time. Missing the start of practice -- when the team's offenses and defenses are put in -- is only going to put Kanter farther behind.

Its not all bad, however.

It should allow the "UnderKanter" to work on his future as a pro wrestler.

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