Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekend Dump

I really don't condone extensive internet-browsing during holiday weekends, especially not on a holiday weekend chalk-full of good sporting events.

But, if it happens to rain (which it is, like, everywhere) then I wouldn't mind at all if you wasted your brain-cells parusing the weekend's worth of links.

- Many early entrants will go undrafted. It is unfortunate that this will happen, but with an impending lockout looming over the NBA, many players are willing to take the risk now as oppose to staying in school and waiting till a weaker draft class.

- This draft class features a record number of entrants. For some, going back to school is not an option, so it is a low-risk/high-reward situation. For others, bad advice or inflated value can cloud the vision of talented youngsters to make them believe they can get drafted in the first round. Oh well, if they don't get drafted, there is always Europe.

- Where have I heard this before? NCAA is looking into one of Calipari's "former" players

- Andy Katz on Jim Calhoun and the state of UConn basketball; A quick rundown of all eight violations; Chalk this one up to awful timing

- Video from the UConn press conference; How much trouble are they really in?

- Gary Parrish explains how Jim Calhoun is staying calm; failure to monitor

- Dana O'Neil reminds us why Tom Herrion is more than just "that guy who got hit by a coin during Pitt/WVU game"

- Chad Ford details the entire combine (insider)

- USC head coach Kevin O'neill discusses the departure of Lil' Romeo; This doesn't help his cause

- ACC schedule-makers favor Virginia Tech

- Jeffery Jordan transfering Central Florida to play with brother

- Ten freshman who must produce immediately

- The five best seniors of 2010-2011

After the jump, more links and an epic college basebrawl

- Fran McInerney, the man who hired Calipari at UMass, passed away on Tuesday

- Duquesne's Melquan Bolding is transfering to FDU

- It's never too soon to start preparing for next season

- Well done Purdue, well done

- New Oregon assistant coach brings positive attitude

- Austin Rivers schedules five visits

- Shooting drill results from the NBA draft combine

- 2009-2010 Patriot League post-mortem

- Making a case for the addition of Nebraska to the Big Ten

- Hahaha....the Wears of Westwood....thats a good one

- George Mason is unable to sign Canadian recruit George Mason (How unfortunate...); GMU might also lose their top assistant coach

- A history lesson about stadiums and arenas

- Some info about new Cornell player Anthony Gatlin

- A couple of ACC recruits were in-action at the Tournament of Champions

- Get to know Creighton's new strength and conditioning coach

Elon and The Citadel engage in an old-fashioned donnybrook

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