Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday (Memorial Day) Morning Dump

- How many times will Calipari say "I didn't know"?; a response from the Bluegrass State

- Andy Katz details the potential impact this may have on UK; How we got here

- Big Blue Nation plays the waiting game

- Calipari's mother diagnosed with cancer

- Abolish the NCAA (Now w/ reasoning!)

- DaMarcus Cousins is going to have to answer some questions about his physique

- Keith "Tiny" Gallon says his mom got loans

- NCAA will release USC investigation results on Friday

- Another set of pre-preseason rankings

- An interview with Lance Stephenson from the combine; John Wall combine interview

- A mock draft where John Wall doesn't go first

- Don't be silly, it's never too early for a DePaul season preview; The same goes for the SEC West

- Transfer Justin Knox has a better chance of going pro by attending UNC, or so he thinks

- 6-foot-10 forward/center Daniel Ochefu is starting to gain suitors

- Another wrap-up of the Tournament of Champions

- Jeff Borzello provides a breakdown of day 3 from the T.O.C

- Lil' Romeo takes a shot at USC on the way out

- wrap-up of The Tournament of Champions

- A history lesson on why blacktop ballers can't shoot

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