Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Morning Dump

Let the kid sail around the world already; Pearl Jam must be sports fans; The olympic torch is on the juice; why was he living in the shed?; gotta love those Philly fans; extra point knocks out the power.

- Chase Buford is second Jayhawk to get a DUI diversion in the past month.

- Rules committee looks to clean the game up.

- John Wall wasn't the only player that was suspended.

- John Henson will be playing the three for the Tar Heels.

- St. Louis loses guard for the season.

- Hockey player gets drilled.

- David Wells can write?

- Andre Agassi wore a wig.

- Marbury has officially lost it. That guy really needs a hobby.

- He really does have a great stache.

After the jump, more Tyler Hansbrough.

Goals are so rare, you almost have to make the celebrations memorable

Psycho T doing some more acting

Another big hit from the NFL

Manu Ginobili - the exterminator.

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