Monday, November 2, 2009

Could the Renardo Sidney saga be coming to a close?

That's at least what Rick Stansbury is hoping.

On Friday, Andy Katz reported that the Sidneys met with their lawyer and some NCAA representatives to show bank deposits and bank statements that Sidneys hope will prove that they could afford the house they lived in for two years in Southern California.

Renardo Sidney could have a decision regarding his eligibility made this week.
(photo credit: MaxPreps)

In case you forgot, Renardo Sidney is a top 20 recruit that moved from Mississippi to SoCal after his freshman season. He was originally expected to go to both UCLA and then USC, but the schools dropped him as a recruit after reports surfaced that Sidney was living in a mansion, and able to afford it thanks to a deal with Reebok.

Jackson said that the information would be reviewed on Monday or Tuesday, and that a decision could possibly be rendered then.

The Bulldogs first game is on November 13th. Sidney has been cleared academically and has been allowed to practice with the team, but was not allowed to participate in Saturday's scrimmage.

Mississippi State is a tournament team and a borderline top 25 team without Sidney on their roster. With the talented big man, we could be talking about the SEC champs.
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