Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday Morning Dump

Look at the size of that baby!; oh god, that must have hurt; a 21 pound tumor taken out of a dog; dogfight and daycare are two things that should not go together; US diplomat caught cheating; I despise people like this; a 30 point buck is a huge deer, right?; the movie Deliverance doesn't sound so far-fetched after reading this.

- Tyler Hansbrough, college basketball athlete of the decade?

- Stacey Poole, Jr., is expected to commit to Kentucky.

- Dana O'Neil catches up with James Forrest, aka this guy.

- Billy Gillispie offered a plea bargain in DUI case.

- Austin Hollins has committed to Minnesota.

- Top 10 small forwards.

- Ben Howland recruits through his appendectomy.

- Possible coaching replacements for Army.

- Q&A with Tyler Smith.

- Binghamton point guard Tiki Mayben was arrested on crack cocaine charges.

- Top 20 back courts.

- St. John's new mascot.

- Ron Artest didn't know San Diego had a baseball ... and he was wearing a Padres hat.

- Mark McGwire was required to take andro?

- Sean Salisbury's meltdown continues.

- Rampage Jackson retired.

- I think there are some matches in women's tennis that are quicker than this point was.

- Goalie cut after trip to Oktoberfest.

- Chewbacca singing Silent Night

- My new favorite football player of all-time

1 comment:

Tmachir said...

Now that Rampage has "retired", the UFC should try to book a Tysean Taylor vs. LeGarrette Blount fight. The postfight interview would be just as violent as the actual fight.