Thursday, September 24, 2009

Reactions to Kansas basketball from around the web

- Gary Parrish of CBSSports: But impressions have been made, videos linked. And regardless of who started it or why it escalated to this level, the lasting image from the past 24 hours will be of an assistant athletic director ushering Collins and many of his teammates to a van so that they can be driven from Point A to Point B without further incident. That's embarrassing. But the good news is that Tyshawn Taylor stayed true to his word and conducted himself like somebody who is "always a G about it."

- Luke Winn of What it loosely resembles, though, is a perp walk. And that's the picture of Kansas basketball, a month and a half before it begins its run at a second national title in three years: That of a team foolish enough to brawl -- thrice -- with its own school's outsized football players in the middle of campus, all while coach Bill Self is on the road trying to recruit. If KU is victorious in Indianapolis next March, the Jayhawks can title the season DVD, From Perp Walk To Podium: National Champs!

- jstevrtc of Rush the Court: ESPN is also reporting that Taylor, a vital component for KU’s hoops success this upcoming season and a definite NBA prospect who was the leading scorer on the USA Under-19 team that won the gold medal in New Zealand this summer, could miss around 4 weeks because of this nonsense. If you behold our beautiful Midnight Madness Countdown Clock up in the top right portion of the RTC front page, you’ll notice that we are (thank God) well under a month until first official practices. So, this means that because of a girl, and his aforementioned desire to be a G about it, Taylor could miss (or be less than 100% for) the first few official workouts with the rest of his squad, the almost consensus pre-season #1.

- Eamonn Brennan of The Dagger: Yes, the Morris twins were there, and so was Sherron Collins. Probably not the wisest decision from the school's most important hoopsters. Where was Cole Aldrich? Not fighting football players. Take notes, Sherron. Oh, and it's good to know Brady Morningstar was ready to stunt. He's a formidable presence both on the court and off. Anyway, the scuffle was eventually broken up by "athletics officials." I am glad I am not one of those athletics officials. Keeping angry, muscular D-1 athletes from killing each other would not fit well into my job description. Anyway, why all the acrimony? According to Keegan, a girl that used to date one player is now dating another. Fellas! Have we learned nothing from Yoko Ono?!

- Tom Keegan of Hatfields vs. McCoys, Capulets vs. Montagues, Bloods vs. Crips, Democrats vs. Republicans, Kansas University football players vs. KU basketball players. The credibility of all that happy talk about the Kansas University athletic department being one big, cuddly family has been called into question by football players and basketball players getting into repeated fights with each other. Bar owners and patrons know it. Students know it. Cops know it. The only reason you haven’t read more about it is because precise details of said skirmishes have been difficult to nail down. Funny how athletes who can be such men during competition, putting their bodies in harm’s way, giving everything they have for teammates, can turn into such children when trying to prove their machismo off the field.

- As if athletic director Lew Perkins didn’t have enough things bumming him out Wednesday, he just had to know his archenemy, T-shirt creator Larry Sinks of Joe College, was busy at work cashing in on his misery. Sure enough, Sinks, a marketing genius, already had come up with a blue and white T-shirt sure to be a big seller. On the front, in block lettering: “HAWK FOOTBALL & BASKETBALL.” On the back, in cursive: “Can’t We All Just Get Along?” Funny, but not nearly the funniest thing printed Wednesday in Lawrence. That came hours later, when the athletic department issued a “statement,” from six student-athletes, the captains from the football and basketball teams. The “statement” did not explain just how these six young men came up with the exact same words to say simultaneously, so we’ll assume it was just a remarkable coincidence. It was four paragraphs and could be summed up in four words: Blah, blah, blah, blah.

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