Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Morning Dump

Chernobyl, 20 years later; guy sneaks into bear exhibit at the San Francisco zoo; not sexiling is now illegal at Tufts; woman assaults boy at a "furry gathering";

- Its old news, but Whitlock and Vitale weighed in on the Kansas fights.

- Derrick Rose says he took the SAT's.

- Top 10 centers.

- Washington's guards will be good.

- Rookie's first big league homer held for ransom.

- Up three with the ball, should you foul?

- The country's best front courts.

- Harrison Barnes has scheduled his remaining visits.

- Mizzou's athletics department doesn't know how to get rid of old cell phones.

- Grambling's Rick Duckett says he didn't resign, he was fired.

- Was the Army coach fired for abusing a player.

- The WaPo catches up with Kenny Anderson.

- Indiana football coach freaks out and throws his gum.

- "That motherf****r hit me in my penis"

- Remember when Dave Chappelle went crazy, then showed up at some comedy show in England? I do.

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