Monday, September 28, 2009

Big East Tournament isn't changing yet

About a month and a half ago, we wrote a post about how there were grumblings that the Big East Tournament was going to change.

For the first time since the league expanded, all 16 teams were invited to Madison Square Garden. The way the tournament is currently set up is that the teams seeded 9th-16th play on Tuesday, with the 5th-8th seeds playing the winners after a bye, and the top four teams get a double-bye.

According to Big East associate commissioner Dan Levitt, it is going to stay that way. There was some support for changing the structure to have the top four teams plays the bottom four teams on day one, with the winners getting day two off while the middle eight teams play. No teams would receive a bye in this format.

"It was brought up by the head coaches at the annual meeting in May and I think the (proposed) format makes a lot of sense," Gavitt told "But ultimately, it got back to the timing – and after going from 12 to 16 teams a year ago, the timing didn’t seem right."

"There was certainly support for the change, but there was also support for not making the change right now."

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