Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Morning Dump

Drunk basketball players; the combover is a great look; failed attempt to prevent a porn convention; marriage proposal kills 60 sea turtles; I can't think of an insult that would properly describe how dumb this guy is; how does this go unnoticed for four months?

- Kansas players apologize, but the fights were years in the making.

- As far as punishments go, the coaches for both teams will keep them private. Which probably means that the practices for both teams will be quite a bit like track practice.

- Top 10 power forwards.

- "Single issue" caused Crews' firing.

- Sportsmanship lives. Warning: both of these stories (here and here) may cause you to choke up a little bit.

- Plax won't have too many friends at Rikers. Maybe he needs to improve his rep.

- 9/11 reference in a game recap from Wisconsin high school football?

- What's scarier - Brad Lidge on the hill for your team with a one run lead, or this guy's reaction to his latest blown save.

- "Are you trying to seduce me? If so, you are succeeding."

1 comment:

Tmachir said...

Wow, that 9/11 football article is bad, like really bad.

If I ever get to the point where im using significant events in American history as a lead to a story covering a midwestern HS football game - pull the plug.

My favorite line is from the comment section:
"I can't even be offended. It's just bad writing. Pathetic, really. I can't even imagine what the Packer stories would look like. Is the conclusion of mini-camp regaled with comparisons to the signing of the treaty of Versailles?"