Wednesday, May 6, 2009

THE LAST RENARDO SIDNEY POST. I SWEAR: I've written about this guy twice in the past week, and to be totally honest, I am sick of talking about him. But just to reiterate a point I made on Monday - about how sketchy the situation is with Sidney's handlers parents - Mississippi State has already secured the services of the NCAA's top crisis counsel, Mike Glazier. From Pat Forde's column on ESPN:

Mississippi State has retained the superstar attorney of NCAA troubleshooting, Mike Glazier, a veteran university counsel in many scandals and investigations (see Oklahoma, Louisville and Villanova, among others). You know that when Glazier's name shows up, the situation has the potential to get hairy.

Nevertheless, Mississippi State administrators believe they're in a good position at this point. They say the school has done nothing more than sign a guy who might have some baggage accrued well before he arrives on campus. But the game has only begun.
They hired Glazier before Sidney even enrolled in school or set foot on campus.

What is college basketball coming too?


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