Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Greivis Vazquez to Europe?

One of the major factors in the decision of Nick Calathes and Terrence Oglesby to leave school and head to Europe is that they have dual citizenship (Calathes in Greece, Oglesby in Norway), which means that they do not count against the cap of two americans per team.

Thus, both Calathes and Oglesby are going to be valuable assets, meaning they will likely get a fatter paycheck than if they didn't have that extra passport.

There has been speculation that Greivis Vazquez, who is a citizen of his native Venezuela, will follow those two overseas.

Jeff Goodman caught up with Vazquez, and it looks like Maryland fans need not be worried:

"Eventually, I’d like to go overseas, but I’d like my career to start in the NBA," said the talented and fiery 6-foot-5 guard. "But I have no pressure. Let's make something clear: I’m not going overseas."

From the sounds of it, Vasquez is determined to either play his way into a spot where he is comfortable in this year's NBA Draft or return to College Park and spend another season – his senior campaign - with the Terps.
Getting Vazquez back would be huge for the Terps. They only lost one senior (Dave Neal) and one transfer (Braxton Dupree), and would return seven of their top nine players from a team that reached the second round of the tournament.

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