Monday, May 18, 2009

5/18 - Some Links, Some News

Still dealing with the internet situation. The latest word on is that RCN will be fixing it on Wednesday after noon - but they also were supposed to fix it Sunday afternoon. Does anyone know if there are cable companies out there that are, you know, actually good?

Here's another batch of links for you.

- With the Brothers Griffin leaving Norman, Oklahoma was expecting to lean heavily on Juan Patillo in 2009-10. Patillo, after considering redshirting last season, returned to play the last 18 games of the season where he averaged 6.2 ppg and 3.6 rpg, which included a 15 point, 10 board performance against Kansas.

Well, Oklahoma's season just got tougher as Jeff Capel dismissed Patillo from the Sooner team. Officially termed a "a violation of team policy" (Patillo was suspended for a game this past season for the same offense), Tulsa World speculates that this is a result of Patillo putting himself in "academic danger" and having a "lack of responsibility". Whatever the cause, this is sure to hurt Oklahoma, as Patillo showed a lot of promise during his limited minutes.

- While we're on the topic of OU, here is your jackass of the week. It is Chuck Woodling, a Kansas homer that's writes for LJ World who thought that Wayman Tisdale's death was a chance to rip him for something that happened 25 years ago. Read the comments as well.

- Nick Williams will be transferring from Indiana to Ole Miss, taking the roster spot that was freed up with David Huertas decided to forego his senior year to play pro ball in Puerto Rico. Williams, who originally signed with Tom Crean at Marquette before following to Indiana, was worried about his role with the teams as Crean is bringing in an excellent recruiting class.

- From the useless info department. ZagsBlog is reporting that Wall will "make a decision by the end of the week". I should hope so. The spring signing period ends May 20th. As we stated last week, it looks like Wall is down to Miami, Kentucky, and possibly Duke.

- More from ZagsBlog: Florida International is out of the Born Ready sweepstakes. Despite previous reports, it now looks like Lance Stephenson is destined for Arizona or Memphis. If I am Sean Miller, I don't think I want Stephenson in Arizona. While he is clearly a gifted player (he is the all-time leading scorer in New York State history), he is a one-and-done player that will come into a program gunning. Arizona has already landed a solid recruiting class, and if Nic Wise decides to come back, the Wildcats may already be a tournament team. Miller is a guy that coaches team play and unselfishness, and I'm not so sure I see Stephenson fitting into that philosophy.

In other Stephenson news, he will be heading to court tomorrow to face charges stemming from an alleged sexual assault on October 3rd.

- There are four teams left in the NBA Playoffs. Take the top three scorers from each team, and you have five total years of college basketball experience.

- The NBA has released their pre-draft combine list. Since there will be no 5-on-5, this combine will be essentially meaningless. Remember, two years ago when Kevin Durant completely whiffed on the bench press (he couldn't lift 185 lb once). He's not doing to badly in the league.

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