Thursday, April 23, 2009

How good of a recruiter is Calipari?

First, he lost Xavier Henry to Kansas. Then, he lost Nolan Dennis to Baylor.

Now, it seems as if he may be losing John Wall to ... Duke? According to Wall handler confidant Brian Clifton, Coach K laid down a very impressive speech when the two met last week. Is it enough to woo Wall?

Maybe not.

(photo credit: ESPN)

Simply put, Calipari's last two point guard recruits ended up as the #1 pick in the draft (and in the national title game) and as a consensus first round lock. Coach K's? They have yet to get past the Sweet 16, were both benched for Jon Scheyer/Elliot Williams, and one may even end up playing quarterback for Michigan Syracuse.

Results speak for themselves.

Wall is supposed to be narrowing his list of eight schools down to three or four by Monday.

In other recruiting news, it seems that Lance Stephenson is now going to be choosing between St. John's and Maryland. Maryland seems like the obvious choice, but if Greivis Vazquez doesn't stay in the draft, will there be enough shots available for a one-and-done guy like Stephenson?


Kyle said...

Yea Calipari lost Henry, but he recovered with Dodson, and never wanted Nolan

Anonymous said...