Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cali-perrryyy, Caliperry

Anyone ever heard of Scoupe?

Yeah, me neither.

A little internet sleuthing tells us that not only is Scoupe "a G", but he is also a rapper based out of Lexington, Kentucky. And if you are anything in Lexington, you are a fan of the University of Kentucky.

Scoupe is no different. He has recently released a mixtape aptly titled "Calipari, Calipari", on which the title track is the new, self-proclaimed theme song for UK basketball.

Take a listen:

While Scoupe is never going to be confused with hip-hop behemoths like a Jay-Z, a Nas, or a Tupac, the song isn't exactly terrible. My favorite line: "The whole Blue fans stand up and toast, we finally got a ball coach".

More John Calipari news: Not only has he hired two former Kentucky players (and national champions at that), Scott Padgett and Tony Delk, to his staff, he has also bought a house worth $2.295 million ... and the lot next to it for $550,000.

And Jim Calhoun makes too much money?

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Kyle said...

why cali-perrryyy is UNDERpaid...

sec signed a new deal this year with espn, which team do you think is going to profit most from that? kentucky got calipari got a discount if he puts them anywhere near the final four in the next 3 years...