Tuesday, June 3, 2008

NBA Draft Official Measurements and Combine Test Results

So the NBA today released the official heights, weights, verticals, etc. of all the players invited to the pre-draft camp in Orlando. Check them out below. Thanks to Rush The Court, the top five (highest or fastest) in each category is shaded in green and the bottom five (lowest or slowest) are shaded in orange.

The picture is fairly small, but for a sortable database check out Draft Express.

The following players were not measured because they chose not to attend the pre-draft camp (mainly because they were not selected as one of the elite 15): Chase Budinger, Arizona; Mario Chalmers, Kansas; Chris Douglas-Roberts, Memphis; Jamont Gordon, Mississippi State; Roy Hibbert, Georgetown; JJ Hickson, NC State; Kosta Koufos, Ohio State; Robin Lopez, Stanford; Marreese Speights, Florida; Bill Walker, Kansas State; Kyle Weaver, Washington State; DJ White, Indiana.


Sometimes Player's Shrink - It's a right of passage in basketball for a player to be listed taller than they actually are, but some player's were listed much taller than they were measured at the combine. Here are some of the highlights (keep in mind that you should add an inch or so to height without shoes):

Joey Dorsey, Memphis: Listed at 6'9", actually 6'6.25". This is bad news for Dorsey, especially when you consider that he has officially lost his mind. The only thing keeping in the discussion as even a second round pick is his length (7'1.25" wingspan, 8'11" reach).

Davon Jefferson, USC: Listed at 6'8", actually 6'5.25". Jefferson was already one of the disappointments of the Draft Camp after sleep walking through his three games, but the combine may have put him out of the draft. Not only is he only 6'6" with shoes, but he is out of shape, weak (two bench press reps at 185lbs), and fat (12% body fat).

DJ Augustin, Texas: Listed at 6'0", actually 5'10". Ok, well this isn't that bad (he is 5'11.5" in shoes), but it is the fact that Augustin is actually that small (and weak, he only got up two reps on the bench). Will he be able to guard someone like a Jason Kidd or Baron Davis? This won't hurt Augustin as much, because he can flat out play and is athletic (35" vert, good times on the lane agility and 3/4 court sprint), but his draft position may slide a bit.

Kevin Love, UCLA: Listed at 6'10", actually 6'7.75" (but 6'9.5" in shoes). Well, he's not tall enough to play center in the NBA, which most people knew already. But the combine may have actually helped Love. He was able to showcase his strength (18 bench reps) and better-than-advertised athleticism (35" vert and excellent times in the lane agility and 3/4 court sprints). 12.9% body fat and 255lbs are still higher than he, or scouts, want to see.

Michael Beasley, Kansas State and Derrick Rose, Memphis: Listed at 6'10" and 6'3", actually 6'7" and 6'1.5". Neither of these height measurements should effect how Beasley and Rose are projected as pro's. Beasley's length (7'0.25", 8'11"), strength, and athleticism were all very good, as well as the fact that he projects as more of a Carmelo Anthony-like small forward with his skill-set. Rose may be a bit shorter than the Jason Kidd comparisons he has been getting, but his off the charts athleticism (40 inch max vert, 3.05 3/4 court sprint) will more than make up for that.

Jerryd Bayless, Arizona and Donte Greene, Syracuse: 6'3.5" wingspan and 6'10" wingspan. It's not so much that Bayless is actually shorter than he was listed (infact, with shoes on he is actually taller than some of his listings), but with that small of a wingspan, doubts concerning his ability to defend NBA point guards can only grow. Same with Donte Greene, although with his height (6'8.25") and future position (small forward) it is less of a problem because he will still be longer than a lot of people he will face.

Sometimes Guys Are REALLY Athletic - Obviously, everyone here is going to be a great athlete - otherwise they wouldn't be getting looked at for the NBA. But these guys, when you combine speed, jumping, quickness and strength, are about as athletic as they come.

Joe Alexander, West Virginia: 38.5" max vert, 2.99 3/4 court sprint (2nd fastest), 24 bench press reps (2nd most). Combine all that with great length, and he is the prototypical NBA small forward. Right now he looks like he may move past Anthony Randolph and Danilo Gallinari and end up the first small forward taken.

Eric Gordon, Indiana: 40" vert, 15 bench reps, 3.01 (3rd best) 3/4 court sprint, 10.81 (7th best) land agility. He also has a wingspan of 6'9' for a guy that measured in at 6'2". These are all good signs for Gordon, who's draft position could climb as a result. Russell Westbrook put up very similar numbers (and apparently looked phenomenal in the workouts sessions he had during the camp).

OJ Mayo, USC>: 41" vert. Mayo may have silenced some of the people that doubted his athleticism by posting the second highest vert. He sprint and agility times were average (both falling just outside the top ten) and he has relatively short arms (6'6" wingspan, 6'3.25" height).

Richard Hendrix, Alabama: 10.62 lane agility (3rd fastest). His vert (28") and sprint (3.27) were not superb, but he has outstanding length for someone a shade under 6'7" (7'3" wingspan, 9'0" reach, great for an NBA power forward).

Other Notables

High Flyers: Patrick Ewing Jr. of Georgetown checked in with a 42" inch vert. That's insane. Deron Washington of Virginia Tech and Bryce Taylor of Oregon also posted 40+ verts.

Tall-Boys and Long Arms: Brook Lopez is not one of the players with an inflated height, checking in at 6'11.25", with JaVale McGee right behind him at 6'11". DeAndre Jordan was measured at 6'9.75". All three had a wingspan of 7'6". Shawn James of Duquense, who stands only 6'7.75", has a wingspan of 7'5" and a reach of 9'3". John Riek, who had been listed at 7'2", was measured at 6'10.5" but had a wingspan of 7'8.5" and a (unconfirmed) reach of 9'10".

Keith Brumbaugh: Brumbaugh may have played his way out of the draft. He is not athletic, weak, and did not show much in the way of skills while playing at the camp. Too bad, he was a pretty good story and seems like he turned himself around.

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