Sunday, June 29, 2008

6/29 - Some Links, Some News

So now that the NBA Draft is done and the 60 players selected (and many who didn't, both seniors and underclassmen) are now officially starting their professional careers, it's time to get back to the college game. Over the coming weeks (and months), I will be doing a lot of previewing for the 2008-2009 college season. Look for team and conference previews, preseason all-american lists and a preseason top 25 list. 

But before I leave this draft behind, here are some last links and must-reads about the draft.
  • Luke Winn of wrote a great piece on the roller coaster draft night of Darrell Arthur. As more information comes out, it looks like the whole kidney issue was a non-issue - he apparently had high levels of creatine which could be a sign of kidney problems, but the tests results that cleared him never reached the rest of the league. Memphis (who eventually landed him after a series of trades) got a steal with Arthur. Losing $1.3 million in guaranteed money because of a false rumor can't feel good.
  • Max Wasserman from The Big Lead did an analysis of some of the most well known NBA mock drafts. Apparently, Chad Ford is not the be all and end all of the draft...
  • On that same note, Draft Express used the win-score statistic to look at the early winners and losers of the draft.
  • Leave the Man Alone had an interesting look at ... NBA Draft fashion?
Some last news and notes. The rumors about UConn's Stanley Robinson leaving school are true. He is currently back home in Alabama taking classes at a community college. Robinson never truly adapted to life up north, and apparently it has gotten bad enough where he may be able to receive a medical red shirt for this season. For Iowa State guard Wesley Johnson has officially decided to transfer to Syracuse, where Jim Boeheim will be able to use his scoring (and the extra depth) he brings to the Carrier Dome. It's old news by now (especially since only USC will feel the lasting effects), but the Sporting News takes us on another tour of OJ Mayo's life in SoCal. 

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