Monday, October 8, 2007

Why I wanna break my TV

The fourth inning of game four of the Yankees series just ended. Let me tell you what makes baseball one of the best sports in the world, but also the most frustrating thing in the world.
Top of the 1st: runners on 1st and 2nd, 2 outs, Jhonny Peralta hits a looper that is just out of the reach of a leaping Bobby Cano makes it 2 - 0.
Bottom 1st: runners on 1st and 2nd, 2 outs, Jorge Posada hits a slicing flare to left field that Kenny Lofton makes a nice sliding catch, saves a run.
Top 2nd: runner on 3rd, 2 outs, Asdrubal Cabrera hits a flare slicing away from Melky Cabrera that drops in front of him making it 4 - 0 (all of which was set up by a tough call on a HBP on Kelly Shoppach's bunt attempt).
Bottom 2nd: bases loaded, 2 outs, Derek Jeter smokes a ball down the 3rd base line that Casey Blake knocks down, saving at least one maybe two runs. 4 - 1 (which included a missed call by the ump when Hideki Matsui hit Shoppach's golve on a swing).
Top 4th: bases loaded, 1 out, Victor Martinez hits a 1-2 backdoor breaking ball for a roller through the left side of the infield for a 2 run single breaking the game open.
And as I wrote this Grady Sizemore got called safe on a bang-bang play at first where replays showed Mussina beat him to the bag. Again, tough call that went against the Yankees.
Now I know that i am incredibly biased in this situation, but the Yankees absolutely cannot catch a break in this series. I don't know what it is. Maybe the Indians are just outplaying the Yankees. Maybe the baseball gods are punishing the "evil empire". Maybe its karma biting me and every other Yankee fan in the ass for the way we treated A-rod last year. I really don't know, but GOOD LORD, it is frustrating.

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Dan said...

don't break your tv, fifa 08 just came out.