Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Baseball Playoffs

Before I get into the LCS's, I just want to make one more comment on the whole A-rod free agency thing. I think A-rod is going to come back to New York, for another ridiculous contract, but I think he's coming back. If he leaves, he only perpetuates this image of a mercenary, someone that does not care at all about winning a championship and is all about the money. He will leave a third city in his wake, booing him every chance they get. And the season he had this year (including a postseason were he wasn't overwhleming, but outplayed his infield counterpart DJ) where he won back most Yankee fan hearts and loyalties can only intensify this reaction. Even if he gets a ring somewhere else, he will never be able to shed that image. A-rod cares alot about his image and how fans percieve him, so I think he will come back to New York to leave a legacy as one of the best - not only in pinstripes, but ever to play the game.

LCS predictions: As much as it kills me, I really can't see the Indians taking down the Red Sox. Literally, all day I've been thinking about the matchups - the 1-2 punch of Sabathia and Carmona, the Indians finally hitting their stride with a healthy Hafner and Grady Sizemore finally playing like the preseason MVP candidate, the clutch hitting and pitching the Indians showed in the Yankees. But I really can't see the Red Sox losing this series. Not with all their postseason experience. Not with Papi being Papi. And Manny has that look again (a quick sidenote: I hate Manny Ramirez, especially the way people say "Manny being Manny", but noone in baseball has better homerun poses than that guy. They're incredible, but I still hate him). When he is swinging like this, he might be the scariest hitter in baseball. Sox in 6.

I don't know as much about the NL, especially the NL west, but how can anyone pick against the Rockies right now. They've won 17 of 18 and have a manager that absolutely cannot make a bad move right now (two examples off the top of my head: pinch-runnning Jamey Carroll in the 7th against the Padres in the playoff for slugger Garrett Atkins and eventually getting the game-winning sac fly from him; pinch-hitting for the starter in game 2 of the Phillies series, leading the Matsui's game-changing grand slam). Add to that Brandon Webb is 2-2 with an ERA near 6 in his 6 starts against the Rockies this year (with a better ERA in the 3 starts at Coors). I just don't think the D-Backs have enough offense to beat the a Rockies team on a roll like this. Rockies in 6.

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