Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday Morning Dump

Yup, that's right. The Morning Dump is back.

We took a week-long break to recharge our batteries and get ready for the long haul. Now that the Super Bowl is over with, all your hoops knowledge can be found here every morning. Luckily, the days of using "The Breakfast Buffet" and "The Wake-up Call" are now over.

Thanks for the help fellas, but I'm back now, which means your services will no long be needed.

- In case you missed it, we unveiled our 2011-2012 All-Hair-Team yesterday

- Memphis will join the Big East Conference at the beginning of the 2013-2014 season. Some think it's a good move. Some think it's a bad move. Some think the move will have a great impact. Others think Johs Pastner will have his work cut out for him. What is this? Conference-USA2.0?

- Duke and Carolina go at it tonight, so consider this your quick, link-heavy primer. What have we learned about the Tar Heels this far? Why players decide to attend Duke. Why players decide to attend Chapel Hill. Did you really think Harrison Barnes would let a bum ankle stop him from playing against Duke? But it really wouldn't be Rivalry Week without some gossip-laden stories. Ahhh, that's more like it

- Oh yeah, that's right, Georgetown/Syracuse is on tonight as well. Troy Nunes provides a thorough preview

- The key to Arizona's success lies in the hands of somebody you probably didn't expect

Nicole Auerbach of The USA Today explains how John Thompson III is constantly reminded of "Great Brawl of China" and how his team continues to handle adversity

- Jason King primes us for the final stretch of Rivalry Week

- Mike DeCourcy provides four thoughts following Kentucky's rout of Florida. Kentucky's biggest threat may end up being themselves

- Pat Forde explains why he thinks this is the best week of the college basketball season

- Two Kentucky State students have been charged with shooting KSU basketball player Patrick Dawson

- Your weekly look at Northwestern's case to make the tournament for the first time in school history

- A daily dose of NIT bracketology (You know you want it)

- New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz provides words of wisdom to NYC-area hoops players

- Utah State assistant coach Chris Jones could be leaving to take over as the Idaho State head coach

-Arizona State assistant coach Scott Pera is in the running to become the head coach at Northern Arizona

- Jim Calhoun will coach UConn again this season, but it will be after Saturday at the earliest

- Miami has some work to do in order to get a ticket to The Big Dance, but a road win at Duke will certainly help

- A great-read on how social media is changing the shape of the game for prep stars

- Jared Sullinger got #POSTERIZED by Kelsey Barlow

- A solid list of the best defenders in the ACC

- For all the stat-nerds out there, Brian Mull has provided some efficiency numbers for CAA players

Auburn's basketball team may not be that good, but there Sports Information Department is getting it done

Now this is what you call an #unPOSTERIZED

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