Sunday, February 5, 2012

VIDEO: Did Oregon get homered?

And you thought Thomas Robinson's charge was the only episode of home-cooking on Saturday night.

Out in Boulder, Colorado was getting a friendly whistle of their own. With just a few seconds left on the clock, Oregon's Olu Ashaolu finished a layup off of a dish from Jonathon Loyd to tie the game at 71 with just a couple of seconds left on the clock. But he missed the free throw, allowing Colorado's Nate Tomlinson go dribble the length of the floor. He missed a shot at the other end, but the referees called EJ Singler for a foul with just 0.1 seconds left (start at the 1:00 mark):

The call sent Oregon head coach Dana Altman into a rage. On the video, you can see him trying to chase down the officials instead of going through the handshake lines. But he seemed to get his composure back the time he went to the press conferences, telling reporters that the call was "just part of the game."

The timing of the whistle was tough, but I don't think the referees necessarily made the wrong call. Singler fouled Tomlinson. If there were 10 minutes left in the game, no one would be disputing the call. The bigger issue seems to be that the whistle was blown after the buzzer sounded, which may be true. But the foul occurred with time left on the clock.

Let's put it like this: Colorado -- who moved to within a game of first-place Washington while dropping the Ducks two games off the pace -- caught a bit of a break, but there was certainly nothing egregious about this call.

When referees swallow their whistles to avoid affecting the outcome of a game, they affect the outcome of the game. A foul with 0.1 seconds left is a foul.

(h/t Jeff Eisenberg for the moving pictures)

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