Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tom Gugliotta, yes THAT Tom Gugliotta, got ejected from a game he had no involvement in

Every so often a fan gets a bit too out-of-hand at a sporting event and has to be removed from the premises.

We've all seen it before, whether on TV or in-person. It's just part of the sports culture.

But have you ever seen a former-NBA All-Star and a former college point guard get ejected from a college basketball the referee

I sure haven't.

When I was informed that Tom Gugliotta and Chris Corchiani, both former-North Carolina State players, were ejected from today's NC-State vs. Florida State game, I figured that they were assistant coaches who had drawn the ire of the referees.

The only problem is that neither Gugliotta or Corchiani are members of the NC-State coaching staff.

Just peep the video.

I don't know what either of them did, but referee Karl Hess certainly didn't like it.

I hope Hess had a good reason, because the last thing a school like NC-State needs is one of their highly-visible alumni to be upset with the athletic program. After the week NC-State has had, the last thing they need is a viral video featuring two of their more recognizable alums.

But more to the point, "Googs" was in NBA Jam for Christ sake! How are you gonna do him like that?

(H/T CBS Eye on CBball)

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