Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Morning Dump

- Creighton got shellacked by Wichita State on Saturday 89-68, as evident by this clip of Doug McDermott getting "a stern talking-to" from his father. The Bluejays have now lost three in-a-row

- A lot of bizarre/random news from the SDSU/UNLV showdown on Saturday, which was arguably the best game of the weekend - Flava Flav was in the UNLV student section? I don't even want to know how he got there. SDSU students got punk'd? UNLV students make giant carboard cut-outs. Mike Moser makes epic "Scheyer-faces"

- Jeff Eisenberg provides a stock report from this weekend's worth of action

- Ryan Fagan explains why any team that wants to beat Kentucky must be mentally-tough. As usual, Myron Medcalf is spot-on

- Speaking of Kentucky, Big Blue Nation invaded Vanderbilt for ESPN Gameday, and Digger Phelps went all "elementary school principal" on them. (RANT-ALERT) Listen, "Digger": Game-invasions are one of the reasons why college hoops is so unique. There was no foul-play involved. There was no vandalism or couch-burning.  If Kentucky fans want to drive 3-hours to Nashville in order to show their school spirit on the campus of a conference foe, let them do it. If anybody should scold BBN, it should have been somebody from Vanderbilt. Hell, maybe the Vanderbilt fans should have done something. But for a schtick-heavy talking-head to scold opposing fans is just lame and unnecessary. I know this might sound terrible, but I'd almost prefer Jimmy Dykes over Digger at this point....

- Based on the amount of talent he has accumulated over the past few years, yes, Ben Howland should have won a title by now. But then again, it's not like UCLA didn't make it to a couple of Final Fours

- The future is very uncertain for Illinois head coach Bruce Weber

- Shannon Russell tries to figure out just what is wrong with Xavier

- Baylor has only three losses of the season, but all three were lopsided losses to elite teams. Are the Bears' Final-4 aspirations down the tubes?

- If you are one of those people who care a great deal about Memphis' move to the Big East, here are some details about the contract

- Speaking of Memphis, it's entirely possible that the rivalry with Tennessee ends due to conference realignment

- Jordan Burgason, Lipscomb's leading scorer and one of the top 3-point shooters in the country, has been dismissed from the school for violating university rules. Burgason was also suspended for the first five games of the season for unspecified disciplinary reasons. Now I remember why I hate Bleacher Report

- A great-read from john Infante on the proposed $2,000 stipend for student-athletes

- If only the Middle Tennesse v. Arkansas-Little Rock game had been more lopsided, we ,might have been privy to the "feel good story of the weekend"

- The rivalry between VCU and ODU is one that should be recognized by more people, but isn't. Unfortunately, not much will change this season, thanks to a lengthy scoring drought by Old Dominion during Saturday's game

- Penn head coach Jerome Allen had some rather interesting quotes during the post-game press conference following the Quaker 58-55 win over Dartmouth

- Run The Floor believes in ten things this season

- Terrell Stoglin, Maryland's scoring-machine, was kinda pissed following his team's 73-55 loss at Duke, in which he was benched for poor play. Naturally, he went on Twitter in order to vent. What do I make of it? I'd be pissed too. But I probably would have stayed away from Twitter. Then again, I played in D-III, so nobody would have been following me anyways.

- This is probably old news, but Maryland's other superstar guard, Pe'Shon Howard is done for the year following an ACL tear. That's sucks. Just sucks. Howard battled back form a foot injury he sustained in the preseason, and returned right before Christmas. He played in 14 games, so he won't be able to redshirt. Gotta feel for the kid.

- This, like the Stoglin tweet, is a non-event . The quote that is, not Parrish's article. His words are pretty solid

- Thanks to Michigan State's win at Ohio State over the weekend, the Big-Ten race is as muddled as ever

- You know what, I'm totally with the NCAA on this one. Gotta start dropping the hammer on major violators

- ESPN is once again trying to create their own statistical rating system. They had the QBR for quarterback ratings, and now have unleashed the BPI, which is their version of the RPI

- Nevin Shapiro, everybody's favorite incarcerated Miami booster, plans to reveal information that will take the school "Down to Chinatown". Hey Nevin, the 1980's called, they want their phrase back.

Comedian Kevin Hart (and friends) played pick-up hoops against the UConn women's team. It's hilarious.

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